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To use our search page, simply type in one or more words that are more than three characters. Example: For instance type in "John Disciple" for John the Disciple. Tips: Enter a single word to search for that word; case is ignored. Thus searching for Board or board or BOARD all produce the same result.
Enter multiple words in any order to find pages containing all those words. The found words will not necessarily be anywhere close to each other. vote will find pages with vote, but not those with votes or unvoted.
Don't try to search for words containing special symbols or numbers, e.g., 11/28/05 or by-laws or John 1:2. Instead search for words containing only letters.
Words having three or fewer characters will not be found.
In contrast to Google, you cannot search for an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotation marks. For example, searching for "clubhouse reservations" doesn't work.
In contrast to Google, you cannot use "OR", "+", "-", "~", or parentheses to logically organize search words.Please remember that search engine give a lot of results, it might be faster to look under the lectionary pages or the topical pages.